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The magical powers of the Magic Eraser and its ability to transform even the most stubborn stains into a thing of the past. When it comes to tackling tough stains and marks on various surfaces, the Magic Eraser has become a game-changer in the world of cleaning.

16 Excellent uses of magic eraser

16 Excellent Uses For a Magic Eraser

Here at One Organized Mom, we do a lot of cleaning. It’s basically our whole lives. So, I thought I’d share one of the secret cleaning weapons we use to help make cleaning quick, easy, and sometimes even fun. It’s the magical, Magic Eraser.

16 Excellent uses of magic eraser

16 Excellent Uses For a Magic Eraser

Here at One Organized Mom, we do a lot of cleaning. It’s basically our whole lives. So, I thought I’d share one of the secret cleaning weapons we use to help make cleaning quick, easy, and sometimes even fun. It’s the magical, Magic Eraser.

Designed for cleaning even the toughest of messes

You can use these melamine foam pads to clean anything from your sneakers to your pool.

To use a Magic Eraser, all you have to do is wet it, squeeze it, then erase your mess. You don’t even have to use a cleaning spray. 

There are many uses for the Magic Eraser, so to help you on your cleaning endeavors, I’ve compiled a list of 16 messes that you can clean up with these foam pads.

1. Eliminate sticky residue from price tag stickers

I love buying new things, but one of the worst things about buying something new are the stickers that come with it. The Magic Eraser makes that price tag sticker, and the sticky residue that comes with it, disappear (almost like magic).

2. Remove the grime from your tub, shower or tiles

Did you know that ring around the base of your tub can be wiped away? And those streaky water stains in your shower and on your tiles? Those can go too.

3. Erase even the toughest of clothing stains

It’s the worst when you get a greasy smudge on your favorite shirt while cooking or eating dinner! While a regular laundry cycle won’t remove these stains, a Magic Eraser can! First, be sure to wet the magic eraser, then dab at the stain, and finally put it through the wash as normal. When it’s done, it should come out looking brand new.

4. Revive your worn shower curtain

Have you ever had to throw away your shower curtains because of staining, mildew or mold? Avoid that by using a Magic Eraser to bring your shower curtains new life.

5. Refresh your white sneakers

White clothing items are notoriously easy to get stained, but white sneakers? Even more so. From grass stains, to dirt stains, to just regular wear and tear, the Magic Eraser can clean it all.

6. Clean and polish your jewelry

Is your jewelry looking a little lack-luster? Don’t waste your money on buying more, and simply use the Magic Eraser to get your jewelry looking shiny and brand new once more.

7. Erase hairspray build-up from your hair tools

When was the last time you cleaned your hair tools? Last week, month, or maybe never? No matter how long it’s been since the last time you cleaned your hair tools, the Magic Eraser can remove any hairspray residue or dust that has been caked onto them.

8. Clean up any marker, pen and crayon drawings that made it outside the lines

I feel like every parent has had to deal with some sort of coloring fiasco. Whether that coloring fiasco is sharpie, marker, pen, or crayon, the Magic Eraser can get it all. So next time you see your kids with the coloring supplies, don’t worry and let your kids be creative!

9. Spot clean your walls and floors

While it would take a lot of energy (and a lot of Magic Erasers) to scrub down every single wall and floor in your home, the Magic Eraser is perfect for spot cleaning. No matter the type of flooring or the type of stain, the Magic Eraser can get it all and leave your house looking brand new.

10. Eliminate burnt-on grease and grime from your oven.

Having a hard time cleaning that burnt-on mess you made while cooking? Or do you ever feel like even after cleaning your oven, it’s never fully clean? Next time you clean your oven use the Magic Eraser, and it will have your oven sparkling again.

11. Turn your gray grout white again

It seems, no matter how hard you scrub with a toothbrush gray grout only becomes a lighter gray. So stop using your toothbrush and bring your grout back to its original hue with the Magic Eraser.

12. Make your bathroom faucets and handles sparkling clean

After all the hands that have touched your bathroom faucets and door handles, it is likely time for a cleaning. Use the Magic Eraser to get those areas looking sparkling clean once more.

13. Get rid of the green from your pool

Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you try you just can’t get the water in your pool to stay clear? An Ohio grandma found her solution one day by putting a Magic Eraser in her filter. A no effort cleaning? Sign me up!

14. Scrub stains from your plastic storage containers

Have you ever kept curry or spaghetti in a plastic container? Then you’ve likely encountered the stains they leave as well. It may feel like no matter how much you scrub it, and no matter how many times you put it through the dishwasher, it just won’t come out. Try giving it a once over with the Magic Eraser and watch those stains disappear.

15. Make your old outdoor chairs look new again

After having been outside all summer, your outdoor chairs likely have taken a weather, bird poop, and dusty beating. It’s time to refresh them with a quick Magic Eraser clean and have your outdoor patio looking brand new again.

16. Clean the rims of your car

No matter where you drive, whether it be on side roads, through the city, on highways, or through the mud, the Magic Eraser can clean it all.

There are so many other things you can clean with Magic Erasers! Clean everything from your carpets to your mattress, to the tools in your garage! The possibilities are endless. Use Magic Erasers to clean your house today! Better yet, call One Organized Mom and we’ll come do it for youGet a quote today.

Happy cleaning!

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