best habits of people with clean homes

Count down the best habits of people with a clean home

The most satisfying home is a clean home! A tidy living room, fresh, folded laundry, and a sparkling kitchen just makes us all so happy. But keeping your home that clean is a whole other ball game! We know you’re busy and it can be a challenge to get to every chore. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 11 best habits of people with clean homes. Pick and choose from this list to tackle problem areas in your home or try them all!  

#11 Create a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule for items to clean.  

There are certain items and places in your house that need be cleaned every day, week, and month. People with clean homes make and stick to a schedule like this so that there’s no area of the home that gets neglected. There are many handy charts and guidelines online for creating a cleaning schedule, so use those as a model but remember that you know your house best! Make sure the cleaning schedule you choose makes sense for your space and needs.  

#10 Do a 15-minute clean-up every night before bed.  

Tackle your most used areas such as your living room surfaces, entryways, and kitchen counters before you turn in for the night. Clear away any items left there at the end of the day and return them to their place. Give the kitchen counters a quick wipe down with a surface cleaner. This habit will allow you to wake up to a clean space, ready to start your day. 

#9 Put everything in its proper place. 

Everything in your home should have a home of its own! When everything has its own place, it’s easier to put items away after using themClutter begins to accumulate when your belongings don’t have a dedicated spot in your home. Instead of constantly moving items around because they don’t belong anywhere, you’ll be able to put things back where they belong and make cleaning those spaces a breeze.  

#8 Buy a high-quality vacuum and use it frequently. 

Never underestimate the power of a great vacuum! Vacuums are a multitool that will help you clean more than just your floors. You can use a vacuum to clean furniture, curtains, baseboards, and those other hard to reach nooks and crannies. Use a vacuum throughout the week to clean one of these smaller areas at a time so that your bigger deep clean takes less effort. Check out One Organized Mom’s take on the hottest vacuums on the market! 

#7 Take off your shoes. 

Floors are a beast of their own because they need to be cleaned not once but twice! To save on the number of times you sweep and/or vacuum and then mop your floors, take your shoes off when you get in the door. This not only saves your floors (and saves you time from having to clean them more often), but this habit will keep nasty bacteria, dirt, and all sorts of other things out of your house. 

#6  Keep your fridge and your pantry organized. 

An organized fridge and pantry help with meal planning and makeyour fridge easier to clean. You can keep your shelves tidy by using clear plastic bins to sort items so that you can see what food items you have. Then you can easily remove them when it’s time to wipe down the shelves. 

#5  Squeegee the shower after every use.  

One of the best habits you can get into is quickly wiping down your shower with a squeegee. This will make it so much easier the next time you scrub the shower. We have many helpful tips for cleaning your shower on the daily, but this is one of the best daily habits. 

#4 Clean as you go. 

One of the best habits that will help keep you home clean is to clean as you go. After using a space, clean the immediate area so that that the next person to use it (which might be you!) doesn’t have to deal with a mess. After using the kitchen to make lunch, clean up the dishes and wipe down the counters right away. Return mugs from the home office to the kitchen when you get up to stretch. Rinse or wash the cooking dishes while you make dinner to make the post-meal clean-up easier. 

#3 Do laundry every day.  

Whether you wash an actual load or just collect and sort dirty laundry every day, staying on top of laundry every day will reduce the amount of dedicated time you’ll have to spend on it later. Make sure you give yourself a bit of time every day for collecting, washing, drying, and folding. This way you’ll spread out the tasks so it doesn’t pile up and make a mess of your laundry room. 

#Make the beds every morning.  

You’ve probably heard it somewhere that studies show that making your bed every morning increases your productivity. Whether that’s true or not, a neat bed gives an overall sense of cleanliness every day! Making your bed first thing in the morning will also get you in the mindset of keeping things tidy throughout the day 

#1 Book a bi-weekly cleaning with One Organized Mom! 

This may be the #1 best habit for keeping a clean home! There’s nothing like that feeling of walking into your tidy, fresh smelling, professionally cleaned home after a long day. When we take care of the cleaning every two weeksyou’ll still have time and energy to adopt these habits for keeping your home clean in between our visits! What’s more, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re maintaining a clean, happy, and healthy home no matter what’s going on in your life! Get a quote today!

Try these best habits for a clean home today. (Or let One Organized Mom do it for you!)

Happy cleaning!

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