If you’re looking for a rewarding career that offers flexibility, a sense of accomplishment, and the opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives, then considering a career as a house cleaner might be the perfect fit for you.

Career as a house cleaner

Considering a Career as a House Cleaner?

Have you ever considered a career as a house cleaner? We’re not surprised! There is so much satisfaction in making a home sparkle.

Consider a career with us -m

Considering a Career as a House Cleaner?

Have you ever considered a career as a house cleaner? We’re not surprised! There is so much satisfaction in making a home sparkle.

Get "The Dirt" From OOM's Employees!

You may have questions stirring in your mind like: How do I become a house cleaner? Where do I begin? And who do I contact? Is there even a great house cleaning company out there that provides full training and support? Will I be treated well? And most importantly, is the pay any good? All of these are valid questions, questions we’ll answer for you!

We at One Organized Mom decided to ask our employees to give us the dirt, so that you can get a sense of what it’s like to work for us! And so that we can get feedback on how we can improve. We always want to know what our employees are thinking and feeling. After all, happy employees keep our business going strong!

So, here’s what our employees had to say about working with One Organized Mom:

"The Dirt" from Our Employees

“Heather and Bert take care of their girls. They take care of us and make sure we take care of our clients as well.”

“I like working here because we are a family. I feel good, I feel comfortable and I feel happy.”

“There is a great work atmosphere. I really love Heather’s personality. She is honest with everything and we are all pretty honest and have a lot of integrity.”

“Not your typical cleaning service. We go above and beyond for our customers.”

“There is great communication. We are all connected through Facebook, phone, chats. We all work together, getting things done. That just makes it easier for my life, your life and everyone’s lives.”

“Everyone is very personal with everything we do. Dealing with customers is great and I like getting to know new areas.”

“I love how we combine and become a family.”

“My favorite thing about working with One Organized Mom is that it is fun, upbeat but serious, and we all work as a team.”

“I’ve been here 7 years and One Organized Mom takes really good care of us and their employees”

“It feels like a family here. That’s what I love most about it honestly.”

“One of the things I appreciate about One Organized Mom is that you can advance at your speed.”

Our team said it all!

What's a Career as a House Cleaner with One Organized Mom Like?

Now, I know what you’re thinking – this all sounds great, but I still have some unanswered questions about the practical side of being a house cleaner with One Organized Mom.

We offer competitive compensation and a fantastic working environment. Here are just a few of the great benefits of a house cleaning career with One Organized Mom:

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40-hour work week

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Paid travel time

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No nights or weekends

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Great team environment

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Company vehicle

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Supportive management

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Fair compensation

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Opportunity for advancement

Pursue a Career as a House Cleaner Today!

If a career as a house cleaner with One Organized Mom is the job you’ve been dreaming about, then head over to our careers page and fill out our easy application form — it’s that simple! Who knows? You could be One Organized Mom’s newest team member!

We’re excited to meet you!

heather canning

Head Mom at One Organized Mom
To learn more about Heather’s Story click here.

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