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The Lighthouse isn’t the only thing that shines in Jupiter. With our professional cleaning services in Jupiter, Florida, your home and office can shine too!

The Jupiter Lighthouse isn’t the only thing that shines in Jupiter! Your home and offices can shine too!

Are you always out of time and
barely making a dent in your "to-do" list?

Why not say goodbye to the stress and
let us cut that list down to size?

We'll take care of the residential and commercial cleaning so you can take care of the rest!

Jupiter home & condo shine betty cruise into cleanliness
We'll take care of the residential and commercial cleaning so you can take care of the rest!

For more than 14 years we’ve been cleaning up Jupiter and nearby areas, one client at a time! We’re proud of our reputation as cleaning experts committed to excellence and client happiness.

Our cleaning “Bettys” are highly trained, bonded and insured. What’s more, they’re all about providing you with the absolute best cleaning services in Jupiter and surrounding areas. Of course, we back them up with our 100% Happiness Guarantee to ensure your satisfaction every time we clean.

Whether we clean your wonderful home or your business environment, you can rely on us to provide stress-free, consistent and reliable cleaning services. So you can leave the cleaning to us and you can focus on everything else on your agenda!

Ready for that fresh clean feeling that only
One Organized Mom can provide?

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making houses sparkles and businesses shine

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Why Choose One Organized Mom?

Professional cleaning is serious business. 
We ask our clients to trust us in their most private and valued spaces, at home and in the workplace.
That’s why w
e hold ourselves to high standards, working every day to earn and keep your trust.

Here’s How We Do It:

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We only hire professionals who want what we want; HAPPY CUSTOMERS!

That makes us the BEST MAID SERVICE in town!

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We recruit and hire only the best of the best and we uphold a stringent level of quality control. 

That makes our clients the MOST SATISFIED CLIENTS in town!

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Our crews are fully supervised and we create a “WORRY-FREE” environment for our clients.

That makes our clients the MOST RELAXED CLIENTS in town!

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We actively seek client feedback, good and bad. Taking every opportunity to IMPROVE OUR SERVICES and DELIGHT OUR CLIENTS.

That makes us the HAPPIEST MAID SERVICE in town!

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Learn More About Us

Learn more about us

We're in your neighborhood!

We don’t just provide professional cleaning services in Jupiter and surrounding areas, we’ve established our head office and our home here too! And we LOVE it!

At first glance, Jupiter is all Lighthouse, ocean, beaches and sunshine, but when you look a little closer, you’ll find a big city with a small-town atmosphere. The perfect place to live and work while raising our 3 incredible kids!


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