House cleaning investment

Your House Cleaning Investment

How to get the best from your house cleaning company

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Hiring a professional house cleaning company is an investment in your family, in your home and in yourself. Like with any investment you want to get the most bang for your cleaning buck! We’ve put together a few tips on how to get the most out of your professional house cleaning service.
Be Home For The First Cleaning.
If you are able to be home, be home, it will be helpful to your maids.  Everyone has different expectations and communicating directly with your house cleaners is the best way to ensure your expectations are met. Especially, if you’re hoping for a long and positive relationship through recurring housekeeping services
Don’t Forget The Key.
Make sure you leave a key or call the office with instructions on how to get into your home.  Most professional companies will charge a fee if they show up and are denied access to your home.
Shh… No Small Talk, They’re Working!
Most maids are great people to visit with, but when you are home during your scheduled house cleaning visit, keep small talk with your maids to a minimum. You scheduled your cleaning for a certain amount of time your maids need to spend that time cleaning and small talk cuts into that time. It can take your cleaners longer to clean and that can result in extra fees
Make Sure There’s Enough Time.
If you have extra instructions for more cleaning, make contact with your cleaning companies’ office to ensure the cleaners have the appropriate amount of time scheduled to complete your additional requests.
Don’t Forget To Tidy Up.
Tidy Up your house the night before. Pick up personal items, trash, dishes and toys so that the cleaners will be able to focus on cleaning. Your cleaners are happy to pick up for you, however, it does take time away from doing the dirty work, like scrubbing and washing your shower walls!  Additionally, the cleaners don’t know where your personal items belong and there’s nothing worse than not being able to locate your items after they’ve left!
Plan For Your Pets.
Make sure your pets will be o.k. if the cleaners are in your home when you’re not.  Your house cleaning company may hire pet-friendly staff like we do, however, some pets don’t like it when strangers arrive. If you won’t be home when you maids arrive, make sure there’s a plan in place to help relieve your pet of their anxiety when meeting strangers. 
Stock a Toilet Brush or Two! Make sure that each of your bathrooms has a toilet bowl brush.  Sharing toilet bowl brushes from client to client or even from bathroom to bathroom is unsanitary. Your house cleaning company should be able to supply all other cleaning tools and supplies. 

We hope these tips will help you get the most BANG for your House Cleaning Buck!

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