We're Stripping for the Holidays....Join Us!!!

No…not that kind of holiday stripping! But we will have a bit of dirty talk going on! 😉

Let’s talk about stripping linens in preparation for holiday guests. Sorry if that disappoints you but this is something we should all be doing every so often to keep our sheets and towels fresh and free of build up. When better to do that than just before the holidays when you are bound to have overnight family and friends visiting?

If you use fabric softener when you do laundry, it tends to build up in layers on your linens and towels. The same is true for laundry soap. Even our own body oils leave a residue that doesn’t come out in the regular wash. All of these things leave our fabrics looking dingy and feeling like there is a film on them – yuck!

That’s where stripping comes in! It helps to remove buildup, residue, oils and chemicals from your linens that have built up over time. So even though you have washed them, they may still look and feel less than clean.

OOM Holiday Linen Stripping

How to Strip

Although it will work with any color, it does tend to work best with white and light colors. This is likely because you can see the change much better than you can on darker colors. 

The first step is to fill the bathtub with the hottest water you can. The hotter, the better. Now add 

  • ¼ cup of Borax
  • ¼ cup of washing soda
  • ¼ cup of any powdered detergent.

Never heard of washing soda?  Not to worry. Lots of people haven’t. But it has been around literally for years and can usually be found on the bottom shelf of your local grocery store laundry aisle.

Give that a good stir and then add in your linens and give it another good swish around. Remember it is really hot, so using the end of a mop handle might be your safest way to do this. Let it soak until the water reaches room temperature – this typically takes 4 hours or more

The Final Steps of Holiday Stripping

This next part is where it gets messy! Drain the tub of all that nasty, dirty water  and wring out the linens. Now toss them into the washer and run the rinse cycle only, or you can always rinse them by hand until the water runs clear. Either way, this is the finishing touch on stripping linens and having them come out fresh and renewed! After that, just throw them in the dryer or hang them on the line to dry.

Now that those sheets and towels are looking and smelling so good, you are ready for your holiday guests. Need a few other holiday cleaning tips? How about tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean During the Holidays?

Need someone to clean that tub for you now that you are finished stripping your linens? Call One Organized Mom and we will take care of that and a whole lot of other cleaning tasks for you! Or better yet, give the gift of clean by giving family and friends a house cleaning gift card from One Organized Mom. Happy Holidays!

Heather Canning, Head Mom

Head Mom at One Organized Mom
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