House Cleaning Is… Real Life

We live and breathe house cleaning in Jupiter, Tequesta, Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas.  We know it’s not sexy and it can be really tough work, but our whole team of professional house cleaners are driven to help people live their best lives.  We do this by focusing on house cleaning.  No one wants to clean house, but everyone must…that’s Real Life!  

This House Cleaning Blog is about just that, Real Life.  Cleaning, living, laughing and loving life.  We hope you’ll comment, share, come back often and enjoy…Real Life!   

House Cleaning Blog
house cleaner career

Thinking About a Career in House Cleaning?

We find great joy in taking a dirty, messy space and making it clean again, and we want others who share that joy to join us! Cleaning a home is much more than vacuuming a space or wiping down a surface. It’s making a home safe and healthy for our clients.

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dawn dish soap cleaning

Dawn Dish Soap

Sometimes the best cleaning supplies are simple, everyday items! Dawn dish soap (the blue kind) is a perfect example. Made for dishwashing, Dawn can be used for much more and may even be THE miracle house cleaning solution that everyone needs. Gentle on your hands and gentle on your home, this soap does it all!

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best habits of people with clean homes

Best Habits of People with Clean Homes

The most satisfying home is a clean home! But keeping your home that clean is a whole other ball game! That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 11 best habits of people with clean homes.

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The Hottest Vacuums on the Market

One Organized Mom has the breakdown on the hottest vacuums on the market. To make sure you purchase a vacuum you love, we’ve included four things you should think about before buying! Miele, Dyson, or Shark, which will you choose?

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The Smell of a Clean Home

Have you ever wondered what a clean home smells like? Head Mom Heather is back with some insider info on the smells in your home, chemical cleaners, and new ways to freshen up your space.

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Cleaning Your Shower

Cleaning your shower can be a tough job, find out how we wipe out soap scum and cloudy glass doors leaving your shower sparkling clean when we clean your home.

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