Keeping the Car Clean with Kids

Keeping the house clean can be challenging enough, but trying to keep the car clean with kids can be even more of a challenge!

A confined space, snacks, drinks, melted crayons and sports equipment can do a real number on your car’s interior if you don’t stay ahead of it. This month we wanted to talk about some tips to help you keep your car clean in spite of kids that seem determined to claim it as their personal dumping ground!

7 Tips to a Cleaner Car

Sadly, One Organized Mom doesn’t clean cars, but we all own one and we have compiled a list that we hope will help you keep your car as clean and fresh as we keep your home!

1. Invest in Seat Covers

If you don’t take any other piece of advice I offer you on keeping your car clean, take this one! Having good car seat covers will help to keep those spills from permanently damaging your car seats. Besides, it is way easier to remove a seat cover and throw it in the wash than it is to pull out the shampooer to clean the car!

2. Trash Storage

Have a trash bin lined with a bag so everyone can just throw their trash where it belongs rather than on the floor. By having a bag in the container it makes it easy to clean up as well once it is full.

3. Catch the smell ASAP

In our Florida heat we can’t afford to let smells linger until it is a more convenient time to look for them – especially in a closed up car. So at the first sign of a nasty odor, check under and between seats, in vents and any other potential hiding spot to find and dispose of the culprit right away. Otherwise you may have to learn to live with that odor if it embeds itself in your car’s carpet!

4. Keep Wipes Handy

Having some wipes stored in the glove box can help to take care of little spills right away. Another handy thing to keep in your glove box is a small spray bottle of baking soda and vinegar. Even in our heat it will last forever and can keep stains from setting in when caught right away.

5. Clean Out Your Cup Holders

We all know how disgusting they can get if they aren’t cleaned properly and frequently. A great way to clean them is to spray them with a multipurpose cleaner and use an old sock to soak up and wipe them out. The sock can get into the tiny crevices, making the job much easier.

6. Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming and doing a thorough cleaning of your car on a weekly basis will help you catch spills and smells before they become permanent. The added bonus is that your car will smell and look so much better!

7. Use Organizers

Walk the aisles at any auto store and you will find a ton of organizers for your car. There is something for every area of your car these days to help keep it clean and tidy. One particularly useful  option is a backseat  organizer that hangs on the back of the front seats to hold books, crayons, snacks, etc for the kids. It will give everything a place and hopefully prevent many of the spills and other mishaps that tend to happen when you are traveling in the car with kids!
We hope you find these tips helpful in keeping your car clean in spite of the kids! Be sure to stop by our website and see which vacuum cleaner will be best for you in our blog The Hottest Vacuums on the Market …Which should you buy?
Heather Canning, Head Mom

Head Mom at One Organized Mom
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