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Getting it done owner's rental checklist

Owners Rental Checklist

One Organized Mom has been providing cleaning services for more than 14 years. We know what we are doing and we’re happy to help provide you and your clients with a wonderful South Florida experience! We highly recommend that you provide the following items, in the quantities listed, in order to provide that wonderful experience.

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3 sets of linens, per bed (sheets & pillow cases) due to rips or staining on the linens, plus extra pillowcases for each pillow (Mascara cannot be removed in most cases). 

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2 Comforters/quilts/duvet per bed (preferably 3 sets, if possible, due to staining that occurs)

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3 sets of towels per guest the home sleeps (1 set = 2 bath towels, 1 hand towel, 1 washcloth)

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3 bath mats per bathroom

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Kitchen towels (preferably white to avoid additional laundry fees)

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Owner’s Locked Closet- to store extra supplies/linens with no access by guests

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Extra supplies: trash bags, dishwasher soap, laundry detergent, dish sponges or other supplies supplied by the owner for each rental flip

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Broom for sweeping garage/patio areas

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Toilet bowl brush in each bathroom for sanitized cleanings

Download our checklist and print it off and put it on the wall for your cleaning staff.

Some owners like to supply certain items for their rental properties, please make sure to give us a detailed list of the items that need to be replaced on each rental cleaning. 

SOLID WHITE linens, comforters and towels are always preferred so we’re able to add bleach to the wash for stain removal purposes.

In most cases, we’ll want to come out and do a thorough walk through with you to better understand your needs and to make sure your expectations are met on each and every cleaning. 

If you do not live in town and charge your renters a deposit, we’re happy to provide you with “renter’s deposit release information” and staging of supplies upon request (these services are not included in the regular rental cleaning fee). We would provide photos and or video of damages so you can successfully charge your renters for those damages and to help prevent credit card charge backs. 

We’re happy to be your local “eyes and ears” so give us a call today and let us help make your rental property Shine like the South Florida Sun!!

If you’re new to the rental flip market, call us today for our “Essentials” list of items that every property should have on hand to make the property enjoyable for all who rent from you. The list provides very detailed information from toilet bowl brushes to cookie sheets and everything in between.

One Organized Mom will help you make your rental property a 5 star destination!

Call us today! 561-729-0834

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