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See What's Included in our services!

See What's Included!

Here’s a rundown of all the services that we offer for your house cleaning needs!

Our Recurring House Cleaning Service is designed to keep your house clean and fresh year-round.

We’ll clean, hand wipe, polish and shine:
  • sinks, toilets, faucets and drains
  • showers, bathtubs and shower doors
  • countertops, mirrors, backsplashes and cabinet fronts
  • bathroom baseboards
  • outside of all appliances, stainless steel and chrome
  • stovetops, refrigerator handles and ice/water dispensers
  • lamps and bulbs, window sills and all flat surfaces


We’ll use the Swiffer to clean and dust:
  • light fixtures, ceiling fans, picture frames and wall decor
  • baseboards, blinds and shutters
  • under furniture where possible 

Of course, we’ll also:
  • empty trash cans and wipe them down
  • change bed linens or tidy and make the beds
  • fold towels in the kitchen and washrooms
  • fold and tidy blankets in the living areas and bedrooms
  • arrange, fluff and chop pillows in the living areas and bedrooms
  • clear debris from all accessible air vents
  • vacuum and mop all floors, even inside closets, under beds and furniture where possible 

Note: This service starts with an Initial Cleaning! Check the Initial Cleaning tab below to see what awaits you!

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Clean even deeper

Need a Bit More Thorough Cleaning?

Leave no stain untouched and no smudge unpolished.
Take your cleaning game to a whole new level!

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Carpet Cleaning

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Tile Cleaning

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Window Washing

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Pressure Washing

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Home Watch

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Clean Behind Appliances

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Outdoor Kitchen Cleaning

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Vacuum Couches – remove cushions and vacuum

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Clean Detached Guest Quarters – “in-law” suites, casitas and garage apartments

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Sweep and Clean – patio, balcony or lanai

Ready to sweep away
your cleaning problems?

We do Commercial Cleaning Too!

When we’re not fighting grime and dirt in people’s homes, we’re out there saving the day in professional offices, apartment buildings, vacation rentals & airbnb turnovers,  retail spaces and more. 

Our team of experienced cleaning professionals are bonded and insured for your safety. What’s more, they can’t wait to help!

Bettys' cleaning commercial spaces

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