The Importance of Housekeeping: Finding the Gross!

The importance of housekeeping cannot be overstated when it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy home. It may not be everyone’s favorite thing to do, but it can save a lot of issues down the line. Regular housekeeping helps you spot small problems before they become big ones and it also helps you eliminate any unpleasant or downright gross surprises! Some things can be found during your semi or annual maintenance, but others can’t wait that long!

I’m sure if you ask anyone who has done professional housekeeping for any significant length of time, they can tell you some stories that would have you cringing in the corner! Just because your home might look and smell clean and fresh, there could be total grossness lurking just around the corner. Why? Because no matter how good your housekeeping is, there are things that just get overlooked in our day to day cleaning.

If You Can’t Handle Gross Housekeeping Jobs - STOP READING NOW!

Here are a few of the gross things we have found in our housekeeping jobs over the past few years. WARNING – Some of them are totally disgusting!!

1. Your refrigerator water and ice dispenser

Let’s start right off with one I bet you have never thought of and yet it’s so gross!! Oh the bacteria that can build up in that little hose that dispenses your water or container that holds your ice!! Have no fear though, if your stomach is strong enough to watch the video I’ve included here, I offer some easy cleaning tips to get rid of it.

2. The toothbrush holder

This one makes me gag just thinking about it. Think about it for a minute. We rub this brush over our teeth and then while it’s still wet, we put it upside down into a holder of some kind and all of the water runs down the handle and pools in the bottom of the holder. And how often do we think to clean it? Not nearly often enough! This is definitely one that should be a part of our regular housekeeping routine.

OOM Gross housekeeping jobs

3. Kitchen scrubbies and brushes

You know that little end on all of your faucets that twists off for cleaning? How often do you twist it off to clean it? The sediment that collects in there is not only gross, it also affects how your faucet functions.

One of the biggest challenges of cleaning up after a day at the beach is sand EVERYWHERE! Towels, clothes, bags…..nothing is safe. Meet it head on by giving everything a good shake before packing it up. If it is wet, do the best you can to remove the excess sand before packing it up. When you get home, give everything another good shake outside. If you have clothes or towels that are still wet, lay them in the sun to dry. Don’t try to clean up right away by putting them in the washing machine. Wet sand will just clump together and block your filter. Once everything is dry give it a final shake outside and then start the clean up process by washing it all.

5. Under the kitchen and bathroom sinks

Drips, cleaning products, cleaning cloths (that may not have been properly cleaned after last use) all contribute to debris and a musty, moldy smell that no one wants in their home.

So there are just some of the frequently missed housekeeping items that we have discovered over the years. I hope they help you in your daily cleaning routine. If you truly can’t handle the grossness of it all, why not let One Organized Mom take care of it for you? We are your partners in grime! Just give us a call at 561-729-0834 or fill out our quote form.


Speaking of gross housekeeping jobs that are often overlooked, the stove vent is a big one! All that grease and grime – yuck!! Check out How to Clean Your Stove Vent to learn the best way to tackle this one!

Heather Canning, Head Mom

Head Mom at One Organized Mom
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